Stang Gappa – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

Thoreau once said, “Most folks lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with their song still in them.”

You might expect most 24 year olds to be spending their free time chasing women or closing down bars, but Stang Gappa is on a mission. He is fervently pushing the boundaries of a full-scale, traditional country-music revival, yet with enough contemporary distinctiveness to appeal to a broad range of listeners, both young and old alike.

Growing up just outside of Denver, Stang was influenced early on by the doctrinal roots of legends such as Roger Miller, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, and of course, Johnny Cash. His passion for authentic country music ignited his desire to learn guitar, and by the age of 13, he was handcrafting songs reminiscent of his heroes from yesteryear. And it didn’t stop there…

Starting with his debut EP release “Colorado Sky”, Stang is already catching some major local and regional attention. Plans to follow up with a full-length album early next year have been confirmed, as well as a regional tour where he hopes to cross paths with his contemporary influences like Reckless Kelly, The Josh Abbott Band, The Randy Rogers Band, and Roger Creager.

Although a newcomer on the Colorado scene, Stang’s lofty ambitions and unyielding work ethic mean he will surely leave his chronicles behind before he’s six feet under.


“Pistol” Pete Weber – Mandolin

Pete was born listening to his Dad’s favorite artists at high volumes; jam band icons like The Grateful Dead and the classic rock of Neil Young. First choosing to play bass guitar to cover the Rage Against the Machine favorites in the 7th grade, Pete quickly traded in his bass for a mandolin in high school after hearing the legends before him, like Sam Bush, David Grisman, and Jeff Austin for the first time. Guitar and fiddle came next, along with developing his own songwriting and arranging skills. Through hard work, determination, and passion, Pete has emerged as one of the finest young multi-instrumentalists in the state of Colorado.


Mike Brick – Electric Guitar

Over the years Mike has had the pleasure of performing at all the best venues in the Colorado area including: The Fox Theater, The Bluebird Theater, The Gothic Theater etc. Originally from upstate NY, Mike’s musical journeys have landed him in numerous locations including stints on the West Coast, Arizona, Colorado, NYC and the East Coast where he has toured with numerous bands and performed regularly in all types of venues and clubs.
Mike’s journey with the guitar began when as a young kid he was turned onto guitar greats such as Hendrix, Page and Van Halen. Soon after, Mike picked up a guitar and began playing in local bands. By the time he left high school and enrolled in Music College in Colorado, Mike was a working musician throughout the area performing most nights of the week while putting in the hours at school during the day. After College, Mike performed in many bands and recorded a few albums exploring musical styles including: Funk, Jazz, Rock, Avant-Garde, Afro-Beat and Samba.
When not performing, Mike is currently dedicating his time to teaching new aspiring musicians and recording and producing music in his home studio.


Sam Mahnke – Bass Guitar

Sam is no newcomer to life as a musician; his father was the drummer for Potlatch, and has been associated with acts including Van Morrison and Eric Clapton.  With a intricate understanding of rhythmn fundamentals at a young age, Sam has been playing bass for over 25 years and continues to push the boundaries of the instrument with his unique style.  His previous project with the regional alt-country powerhouse Rosalie afforded him the opportunity to share the stage with acts like Cracker.  Sam’s passion for country music has always driven him to find new ways of making the traditional genre appeal to a broader audience.  He also enjoys hunting and spending time with his family on lake outings.


Tom Gray – Drums

Tom is the band’s most versatile asset.  A talented multi-insturmentalist, Tom’s primary weapon of choice is the saxophone.  After noticing the band’s dire need for a professional drummer after their first show, Tom jumped at the opportunity to hone his abilities leading a rhythmn section.  Within a week, he was able to play the band’s entire set list and truly fit the last missing piece of the group.  His previous experience in the blues/rock act Wasabi eventually lended him an opportunity at Nashville, which he was unable to pursue.  Refreshed with a new approach, both instrumentally and stylistically, Tom’s work ethic and drive are an integral part of the Stang Gappa Band’s tenacious attitude.  Tom enjoy’s late night strolls around Downtown Denver with his wife and two furry children, Kuma and Mollie.